As 2023 begins, the nursing home industry faces unprecedented challenges on multiple fronts. While facilities struggle with a labor crisis, chronic underfunding, high inflation and a combined resurgence of COVID-19 and the flu, the government is ramping up efforts to hold them to even higher operational and regulatory standards. The Biden administration, as well as many state governments, are pushing reforms that will make it much more challenging to operate a compliant and financially viable facility, including minimum staffing levels, increased health and safety surveys, more significant financial penalties, and greater scrutiny of ownership, finances and related party arrangements. In addition, the government is bringing civil False Claims Act cases, and in some cases filing criminal health care fraud charges, against facilities that provide substandard care. Some states are also seeking to impose monitors and enjoin nursing home operations at underperforming facilities.

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Preparing for 2023: Nursing Homes Brace for Reforms and Heightened Government Scrutiny