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About Nota Bene

Host Michael P.A. Cohen

Explore how today’s international legal headlines will affect your global business on Nota Bene, a weekly podcast for the C-Suite by the Sheppard Mullin law firm. Join host, international competition partner Michael P.A. Cohen, as he and his expert guests explore how the law and trends intersect while providing insights and strategies for succeeding as a global business in this new world economic order.

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About The Legit Ledger

A podcast providing insights and practical tips on blockchain-related legal issues. Join Sheppard Mullin’s Blockchain Team and their guests as they discuss legal issues resulting from blockchain technologies and business models and practical solutions for keeping their use legit.

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About Restructure This! Podcast

Host: Justin Bernbrock

Sheppard Mullin’s Restructure This! podcast explores the latest trends and controversies in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, commercial insolvency and distressed investing.  Join host Justin Bernbrock, partner in the law firm’s Finance and Bankruptcy group, as he and his guests discuss popular, and sometimes not-so-popular, developments in the wild west of the bankruptcy legal world and high yield deal-making.

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